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These days it's more important than ever for Fairfield voters to know who their local candidates are.

Finding information about your state and federal representatives is pretty easy. However, finding candidate profiles for local elections can be hard … and sometimes impossible. That’s why we created KNOW YOUR REPS as a one-stop source of candidate profiles for Fairfield voters. This site presents information gathered from multiple sources, including the candidates themselves. We put it all together in a single, non-partisan source to help Fairfielders make informed voting decisions.

Voters can use KNOW YOUR REPS to get information about:

Candidate Profiles

Get info about every candidate running for office in Fairfield. Become an informed voter!

Our Town Gov't

Learn about the basic structure of our town government and the roles of the different elected offices

Why This Matters

Understand how town government impacts us and why municipal elections matter​

Voting Info

Understand the ballot and figure out when and where to vote

Some fast facts for you:

What positions are open in the Fairfield town elections?

1. First Selectman
2. Selectman
3. RTM
4. Board of Education
5. Board of Finance
6. Town Plan and Zoning
7. Board of Assessment Appeals
8. Zoning Board of Appeals
9. Constables
10. Town Clerk

When are the Fairfield elections?

The Fairfield town elections are on November 5th. The polls will be open from 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM at regular polling locations.  Visit the Fairfield Registrars of Voters Election Day page for more info.