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Know Your Reps: Who we are

 Know Your Reps was created by John Warburg and Sarah Karlson, two longtime Fairfield residents and parents.  The Know Your Reps website was first launched during the 2019 municipal elections, after we realized there was no single place to find comprehensive information about ALL the candidates running for office in Fairfield. This made it challenging for even the motivated, engaged voter to make informed choices — much less the average busy Fairfield citizen!  We wondered: why isn’t there a single place to go to for helpful information about all the candidates?  We decided to “be the change” — and Know Your Reps was born.

Our Student Team Members

We’re honored to have dedicated Student Team Members from Fairfield’s high schools working with us.  Meet the team:

Hi my name is Olivia Charles! I am a Senior at Fairfield Warde. I decided to get involved with Know Your Reps because I am taking AP US Government and Politics in school this year, and I love getting involved in the political climate. I am looking forward to my future college decisions, and hope to pursue a path in Psychology or Political Science. In my free time, I play Field Hockey for Fairfield Warde as a captain. Last summer I was a Counselor In Training at a sleepaway summer camp in Maine for four weeks, and was able to give back to the children of the camp. I am also Vice President of the Humanity Now Club, which raises money for teenagers in Africa who are entrepreneurs and want to start their own businesses. I am so excited to be a part of the Know Your Reps team this year by helping others to gain a greater understanding of our local elections as well as furthering my own passion for politics!

My name is Patrick Covino. I am a senior at Fairfield Warde. Know Your Reps was very appealing to me because of my interest in local politics and my strong belief in easy access to unbiased information. Working on Know Your Reps will go hand in hand with my studies in AP United States Government and Politics this year! I compete in the throwing events during both the indoor and outdoor Track & Field seasons at Warde. I also enjoy participating in school organized groups such as the Italian Honors Society. I plan on continuing my education in college, hopefully at a business-focused school in the northeast. Fairfield has offered me a great deal of opportunities both inside and outside of school, so when I heard about the chance to help give back to the Fairfield community through Know Your Reps it was a no brainer for me!

My name is Robert Harvey and I’m a senior at Fairfield Warde High School. By any first assessment I would be a weird fit for this bunch. I’m studying to be an aerospace engineer with a concentration in astrophysics, but lately I’ve been following politics more and more. The mission of Know Your Reps is to educate and inform, and is an interest I can get behind. I will also be this year’s anchor for Warde TV, and I’ve taken a public policy course at Vanderbilt University. I also play for the Fairfield Varsity Squash team and I’m a huge car nerd!

My name is Jack Holland, and I am a Senior at Fairfield Warde HS. I have a passion for national politics as well as international relations, and am hoping to both teach and learn about our local political process through the Know Your Reps Campaign. I am involved with Warde’s Model UN, as well as a service club called H2India, and have gotten to work with a number of awesome community leaders while marketing and fundraising for those. I am hoping to help maintain interest in Fairfield’s off-year elections, and build not just a database, but a sense of community between people, even those of opposing beliefs. Hopefully this kind of work will follow me through college, and Know Your Reps will be able to expand from here!

My name is Aniket Martins. I am a junior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and I am avidly interested in politics. I am excited to be part of Know Your Reps to provide voters with non-partisan, accurate information on their candidates. My work with Know Your Reps goes hand-in-hand with taking AP US Government and Politics this year in school. At Ludlowe, I am an editor for the student newspaper, Prospect, a leader in Model UN and participate in Junior State of America and various STEM clubs. Among other leadership roles, I have served in Student Government for two years. I am also on the golf team, a second dan Black Belt in taekwondo and an enthusiastic skier. I am excited to be part of Know Your Reps and look forward to this Fairfield election cycle.

Hi, my name is Evan Papageorge!  I am a senior at Fairfield Warde High School.  This year, I am taking classes from math, science, Spanish, and one of my favorites: AP US Government.  I’m starting to apply to colleges and plans for after high school.  I’m also on the golf team, a percussionist, and compete in science, history, and civics competitions.  I am very excited to be able to work with Know Your Reps this fall to help voters have access to information on those running.  I am looking forwards to getting more involved in my local community!

My name is Campbell Treschuk, and I am a sophomore at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. I am interested in politics and journalism, and I am hoping to sharpen my skills in those areas as well as learn more about our town’s government through my volunteering with Know Your Reps. I am a writer for my school’s newspaper, the Prospect, and a member of the yearbook and engineering clubs. Outside of school, my hobbies include reading, with my favorite genres being fantasy and science fiction, and drawing.

Non-Partisan Pledge ​

We want you to understand our commitment to impartiality.  This site is a  completely non-partisan, not-for-profit effort to inform the public. The information provided in our Candidate Profiles has been obtained from the candidates themselves and from publicly available sources.  You won’t see any candidate advertising, debating or campaigning on the website.  Know Your Reps will also not make any endorsements of candidates.

Anything we missed?

The information on this site is provided solely as a service to educate and inform the citizens of Fairfield. Please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@knowyourreps.org with any changes or additions you’d like to see on the site.  Also, answers to any additional questions can often be found on the Fairfield town website’s Government page HERE.  

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