Know Your Reps - About Us​

 This site was created by John Warburg and Sarah Karlson, two longtime Fairfield residents.  The idea for this project started with a problem: in the last municipal elections, we realized that there was no single site to find comprehensive information about ALL the candidates running for office in Fairfield.  This made it challenging for even the motivated, engaged voter to make informed choices — much less the average busy Fairfield citizen!  We wondered: why isn’t there a single place to go to for helpful information about all the candidates?  We decided we wanted to “be the change” — and Know Your Reps was born.

Our Student Team Members

We’re excited to have four talented and dedicated Student Team Members from Fairfield working with us.  Meet the team:

Hi! My name is Ella Holland! I am a senior at Fairfield Warde. Some of my favorite classes this year are AP Comparative Government and AP Literature. I am excited about upcoming college decisions and am looking to pursue a path in either English or science (or somewhere in between!) Outside of school I play ice hockey for the Fairfield Girls High School Co-Op and lacrosse for Fairfield Warde. Last summer I worked on a service trip in West Virginia as well as tutored students in math and coding. I am so excited to be working on Know Your Reps this fall to generate awareness for our local elections and representatives as well as to ignite my own interest in politics!

My name is Chris Harris and I’m a senior at Fairfield Ludlowe. Most of my course work at school consists of social sciences, as that is an area I feel I have an interest and passion for. One of the AP’s I’ve taken, is AP Government, where I became more well versed in the world of government, and particularly how we have a say in our government. I plan to go to college next year, likely something in the DC or Boston area. As of right now, I enjoy participating in clubs at school like AFS (American Field Service), where I get to interact with my community, both locally and nationally. When I heard about Know Your Reps, it reminded me of that sense of community, and I was drawn to the idea that it’s something that could offer such a great service to everyone in our town. From then on, I couldn’t help but to take part!

My name is Lily Phillips, better known as one of Fairfield Ludlowe’s busiest students. I serve as a student representative to the Board of Education, and as a member of Fairfield’s Town Youth Council; I am incredibly involved and interested in Fairfield’s government on a micro and macro level, politically and administratively. KYR is a fantastic opportunity for Fairfield voters that want to have an impact on their community. From designing logos to posters to interviewing candidates, working with Sarah, John, and the other students on the KYR team has been an absolute joy and a privilege. I’m planning to continue my love of history, chemistry, and public policy in college next year. I’m also planning to stay involved with KYR, which has the potential to spread country-wide, empowering voters from coast to coast!

Non-Partisan Pledge ​

We want you to know about us, and understand our commitment to impartiality.  We feel that it is very important that this site be a completely non-partisan, not-for-profit effort to inform the public. The information provided in our Candidate Profiles has been obtained from the candidates themselves and from publicly available sources.  You won’t see any candidate advertising, debating or campaigning on the website.  Know Your Reps will also not make any endorsements of candidates.

Anything we missed?

The information on this site is provided solely as a service to educate and inform the citizens of Fairfield. Please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@knowyourreps.org with any changes or additions you’d like to see on the site.  Also, answers to any additional questions can often be found on the Fairfield town website’s Government page HERE.  

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