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Alexis Harrison


Running for Town Planning and Zoning (2-year term)


  • Member, Bd of Assessment Appeals
  • Former 3-term RTM Member
  • Co-prez, Fairfielders Protecting Land & Neighborhoods
  • Republican


  • Current Member, Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Lifelong Fairfield resident
  • Current Co-President, Fairfielders Protecting Land & Neighborhoods
  • Member of CT169Strong, grassroots organization dedicated to local zoning
  • Former four-term member, Representative Town Meeting (RTM)
  • Former Chairwoman, FairTV Commission, providing public access to town meetings and events via live-streaming and internet
  • Citizen volunteer, co-organized 28 food & goods drives during the COVID-19 pandemic & personal protective equipment clean-ups
  • Member, St. Anthony of Padua Church
  • Vice President, Golin, global PR consultancy




As a 4-term RTM representative, a current member of the Board of Assessment Appeals, former member of the FairTV Committee, co-president of Fairfielders Protecting Land and Neighborhoods (known as FairPLAN), an active member of 169 Strong, and as Vice President of my public relations firm, I have a wealth of experience in listening, decision-making and acting.

A common thread in all these venues is the frustration of the public in having their voices heard and their concerns addressed.

As an active member of CT 169 Strong, I helped educate the public and advocate for local control over our land – who better to know what development should go where, than the people who live here, after all? As part of FairPLAN, I’ve been able to help neighborhood groups have a stronger voice with land use commissions, whether researching, assisting in the public hearing process, writing letters and filing interventions.

Zoning commissions tend to attract attorneys and real estate professionals. But our TPZ also needs to have residents that understand and want to address neighborhood concerns and environmental needs, with a fresh outlook.