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Liz Zezima


Running for RTM District 4


  • Former RTM Member, 4 years
  • Board of Finance member, 2 years
  • 41 years in International Commodity Trade
  • Democrat


  • RTM Member District 6; 2013 – 2015; Secretary Public Works and Planning Committee
  • RTM Member District 4; 2015 to July 2017; Finance Committee
  • Board of Finance July 2017 to Nov 2019
  • Fairfield Democratic Town Committee; member of Executive Committee as Corresponding Secretary 2014-2017
  • Board of Directors Fairfield Counseling Services 2012-2016
  • 41 years business experience in International Commodity trade
  • Member UConn Alumni Association; BA in Psychology
  • Founding member of Women and Philanthropy, UConn Foundation




It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve in Fairfield town government since 2013. I will continue working to keep Fairfield a fiscally sound and desirable place to live and raise a family. I remain committed to meeting these goals through careful fiscal planning and investment.

We have a diverse economy and a thriving business community with excellent schools and services. I will fight to protect these assets and help our town to prosper by supporting our schools, libraries, town amenities, economic development and Senior/Disabled Tax Relief. Attracting businesses, expanding our grand list and creating affordable housing are essential to providing excellent value and maintaining affordability.

I am proud of my record ensuring our tax dollars are invested wisely. I am opposed to making misguided short-term decisions which increase long term costs. I am committed to fiscally thoughtful planning which includes appropriate investment in our schools.

I will be a strong voice for all Fairfielders and work to address the challenges we face in a bipartisan manner. This is essential to good and responsive government.