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Jennifer Jacobsen Photo

Jennifer Jacobsen

Running for Board of Education


  • Current BOE member
  • BOE Policy Committee
  • Masters in Education, 20 yrs in field
  • Democrat


  • Fairfield resident for 21 years
  • Current BOE member;  Member of the BOE Policy Committee
  • BOE Liaison to the CT General Assembly
  • 20 years in the field of Education
  • 2 children currently in our schools
  • Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in School Counseling
  • Certified in 3 states Pre-K through Grade 12 in Pupil Services
  • Worked within the special needs arena, including IEP development and implementation, crisis intervention and prevention experience
  • Early Childhood Education
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It has been an honor to serve Fairfield the last 4 years and I hope to continue to do so for the next four. The last year and a half have been incredibly difficult on so many. We know it will take time and work to address the full scope of this impact upon our students, staff, families, and community. I am squarely focused on the task before us while enthusiastically celebrating our successes.  My education advocacy experience has taught me that when stakeholders from vastly different perspectives come together to focus on creative solutions to an issue, we can find our common ground, while ardently holding true to our values. I am committed to that process with my fellow colleagues on the Board of Education and with all of you.

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