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Running for RTM District 7


  • RTM District 7 member since 2015
  • Chair of 2 RTM committees
  • Litigation Associate
  • Democrat


  • Elected, RTM District 7 Representative (since 2015)
  • Perfect attendance record for all six years of town service
  • A.B. Honors from Brown University
  • J.D. from NYU School of Law, NYU Law Review Articles Editor
  • Chair of the RTM’s Senior & Disabled Tax Relief Committee, Chair of the RTM’s Special Legislative Management Committee
  • Litigation Associate with Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
  • The White House Counsel’s Office, Judicial Nominations
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
  • NYU Law School, Research Assistant to local government scholar, focusing on municipal bond issues
  • Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Providence, RI
  • Roger Sherman PTA, Holland Hill PTA, RLMS PTA, former PTAC Executive Committee Member
  • Mother of two children in the Fairfield public school system



Key Issues:
Maintaining our neighborhood schools: I initially ran for office in 2015, because my neighborhood was at risk of being pocket redistricted, and I am firmly committed to the neighborhood schools that make our town so close-knit and special.

Investment in our schools: I have been a steady advocate for our schools, especially for HVAC improvements to our schools. Improvements to our schools’ fresh air, ventilation and air conditioning protect the health and safety of our children and teachers and also protect our valuable infrastructure from costly environmental hazards like mold.

Senior tax relief and investment in senior programs and resources: Our senior population is shrinking, and I worry that we are losing a vital part of our community and tax base. We must do all that we can to retain and attract seniors in Fairfield. I have worked hard for seniors over the past six years and will push for more improvements to our tax relief programs and to our senior center if reelected.

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