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Running for RTM District 9


  • 28 Years in Air Force; retired as Colonel
  • 5 years budget experience working w/Congress
  • 7 years as an educator
  • Running as Unaffiliated


  • Served 28 years in the United States Air Force
  • Rose to the rank of Colonel; top echelon of senior military leaders
  • Flew F-15E fighter jets as a Weapon Systems Officer
  • Decorated Veteran; served in multiple combat operations
  • Served on multiple senior staffs in the Pentagon
  • Air Force liaison to Congress working DoD and Air Force budgets
  • Commander of four different units
  • Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Notre Dame
  • Steering Committee member for Fairfield Public School’s 5-yr District Improvement Plan
  • Sherman PTA member, lead for Veterans Day programs
  • Mill River Wetlands guide for Sherman Elementary
  • Member, Fairfield American Legion and Port 5 Naval Veteran’s Association
  • Two MS degrees (Systems Engineering & Aerospace Science)
  • BS, Aerospace Engineering; University of Virginia



Key Issues:
1) Realizing a more transparent and responsive local government, 2) clamping down on budget and tax increases, 3) strengthening our public schools and 4) working with law enforcement to ensure public safety on the roads

Statement: I have spent my entire adult life working in public service for the United States in the Air Force. I am a decorated veteran and a proven leader of integrity; I know how to build teams, work budgets, and solve problems. Now I want to put that experience to work for you and the town of Fairfield in District 9. I petitioned my way onto the ballot and am running as an unaffiliated candidate; I do not report to a political party and my campaign is completely self-financed; I will work for the citizens of District 9. My family and I moved here after I retired as a Colonel from the United States Air Force. Since being in Fairfield, while we enjoy much of what the town has to offer and are actively involved in the community, I feel there are things we can work together to do better and build a stronger District and Town. I’m ready to do what I’ve done throughout my life and career – work hard to solve issues and build a stronger community.

I welcome the chance to meet and talk with you – virtually or in-person, individually or with a group of neighbors – to discuss the challenges we face and how we can solve them. Together, we can build a stronger Fairfield!


Cell: 703-901-7077

Email: jim.bowen.rtm9@gmail.com


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