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Running for RTM District 8


  • 31-year resident; attended Fairfield public schools
  • Attorney advising Town of Fairfield pension boards pro bono
  • Volunteer activities leader at RLMS, Riverfield
  • Unaffiliated; petitioned onto the ballot


  • Grew up in Fairfield, moved back as an adult (31 total years)
  • Attended Fairfield public schools (North Stratfield, Woods, Fairfield High)
  • Partner and Securities Litigator, Pomerantz LLP
  • Provides free investment portfolio monitoring for Fairfield Pension Funds since 2015
  • Provides free bi-monthly advisory reports to Fairfield’s First Selectman, CFO, and Pension Board Members since 2015
  • Represents Fairfield Pension Funds, on contingency, in securities class action litigation since 2018
  • Volunteer Chess Coach/Club Director at Riverfield since 2015 (State Champs in 2018, 2019) and RLMS since 2017 (State Champs in 2018)
  • Married to a public school teacher; raising 2 kids in Fairfield public schools (Riverfield, RLMS)
  • Wesleyan University (B.A., Government Major), Georgetown University Law Center (J.D.)
  • Lifelong unaffiliated voter; petitioned his way onto the ballot


My first priority is to ensure that Fairfield maintains top-tier public schools, which raise property values and attract young families. To do so, the RTM must support thoughtful growth and full occupancy in our business districts, to increase our Grand List, and must maximize non-tax revenues from sources like fees charged to non-residents for beach access and facilities rentals. Another priority is to resolve all “Fill Pile” issues through full funding, swift remediation, and tightened oversight over contractors and town facilities. The RTM must also address quality of life issues like traffic congestion and the safety of our public spaces. As the only unaffiliated candidate for RTM, I bring the greatest independence and will work with anyone to address these issues.



Approved by Matthew L. Tuccillo