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Peter Britton


Running for RTM District 10


  • Current RTM Representative
  • Longtime Southport resident
  • Retired Sr. Account Manager, Bloomberg Media
  • Republican


  • Longtime Southport Resident
  • RTM Representative
  • Member, RTM Public Works & Planning Committee
  • Finance Committee Chair, Fairfield RTC
  • President, Old Home Associates
  • Retired Senior Account Manager, Bloomberg Media
  • B.S.B.A., Business Administration, University of Denver




My name is Peter Britton…I am a long time resident of Southport and current RTM D10 Rep. I am seeking re-election to the RTM. I am NOT a life long politician, I’m a businessman who spent 40+ years working in the marketing/advertising industry. Why vote for me? I am a fiscal conservative/social moderate. Most importantly, I know how to work with people to get things DONE, people on both sides of the aisle. If we can’t agree on how best to move forward, nothing gets done.
Key Issues: Land development – critical to the D10 area, we need to be very smart about how our limited land gets developed. Property taxes: no increases – must keep them down. Ensure our police and fire departments are fully funded. Must make sure our schools are the absolute best they can be (I believe they can be better than they are now) and finally, our environment – critical we keep our beaches/harbor/town clean and safe.

Thank you and please vote Row B – Republican on Tuesday Nov 2.

Peter M. Britton
Dist 10/RTM


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