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Running for Constable


  • Former Fairfield Republican Registrar of Voters (9 years)
  • Former member of BAA and RTM
  • Former local newspaper reporter
  • Republican


  • Current Constable
  • Lifelong Fairfield resident
  • Former Fairfield Republican Registrar of Voters (9 years)
  • Former Vice Chairman, Fairfield Water Pollution Control Authority
  • Former Member, Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Former RTM Representative, two terms
  • Former RTM Committee Member, Finance and Legislation & Administration Committee
  • Former Reporter, Editor, Bridgeport and Fairfield newspapers
  • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration, University of New Haven
  • Graduate of Fairfield Public Schools



I am currently serving a two year term as Town Constable, having been elected in 2019. I am seeking a second two year term in this November’s local election.

It is important to know that Town Constable has nothing to do with police work. The major duties involve delivering notices of Probate Court hearings involving appointments of conservators for adults and guardians for minors.

The most important part of the Constable’s duties, I feel, is to feel empathy for the respondent (the subject of the hearing) and show sympathy with the individual.
I think I have performed my duties well and wish to continue as a Town Constable for the Town of Fairfield and its Probate Court.