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Sarah Matthews


Running for RTM District 9


  • Grew up in Fairfield Beach area
  • Former PR/Marketing Executive
  • Owner, marketing agency for local businesses
  • Republican


  • Grew up in Fairfield Beach Area, 20+ years
  • PTA Member, Sherman School
  • Former PR/Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Leader, Make-A-Wish San Francisco Batkid Campaign
  • Owner/Founder of marketing consultancy agency for local businesses
  • B.A., Communication, Fairfield University
  • Married with three children (two in Fairfield Public Schools)




Why I am running for RTM District 9:
I’m running because I grew up in the beach area and moved back here six years ago with my husband to raise our children in this beautiful community. As someone who is incredibly proud of this neighborhood, I am running because I truly believe that, by knowing the past and present of this area, I will be an excellent and fierce advocate for our future. I promise to represent every person in our community. I will not back down. I am incredibly loyal to this town and ESPECIALLY to this neighborhood. I will listen to your concerns and ideas and choose COMMUNITY and respectful, thoughtful dialogue and ACTION over partisan politics.

On the Issues:
With two of my three children in Fairfield Public Schools, and as our youngest prepares to enter FPS in a few years, I believe that continuing to improve on our educational system is of the utmost importance.

I am also committed to protecting the integrity of our beach area community, our beaches and shoreline, and championing the safety of our residents. That all being said, this must be done with the utmost transparency and collaboration between the RTM and other town governing bodies and boards, with the financial burdens of the taxpayers always taken into consideration.


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