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Tom Lambert


Running for RTM District 3


  • Born and raised in Fairfield
  • Commercial litigation attorney
  • Eagle Scout at Troop 88 
  • Democrat


  • Commercial Litigation attorney at Pullman & Comley in Bridgeport, CT
  • Born and raised in Fairfield
  • Married to the amazing Sarah, a midwife working in New Haven
  • New father of future world-changer, Eleanor
  • B.A., Political Science, Pepperdine University (magna cum laude); J.D., Wake Forest University School of Law
  • Lifelong member of St. Thomas Aquinas Church
  • Eagle Scout at Troop 88, Fairfield Grace United Methodist Church




I am proud to have been born and raised in Fairfield. I was very fortunate to grow up here in town with all the advantages Fairfield had to offer. Now that I have my own one year old daughter, Eleanor, I want her to grow up in an even better community than the one I was lucky enough to enjoy. That is why I was inspired to run for RTM. I am running so her schools will be fully invested. I am running so she will be protected by science and sensible, safe decision-making. I am running so her community will be affordable and equitable for all. I am running so her environment will be clean and sustainable. I am running so her Fairfield, and its budget, will be managed responsibly, prudently, and transparently.

I could sit back and hope that others will make the right decisions and cross my fingers they will do the right thing. But leadership means standing up, especially in today’s political climate. As an advocate in the courtroom, I know I can bring those skills to bear for my constituents.

If you, like me, share this vision for Fairfield, I would be honored if you would join me and vote for Tom Lambert for District 3 RTM.


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