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Veronica Monahan


Running for RTM District 1


  • RTM District 1 member
  • 20-yr Fairfield resident
  • Real Estate specialist
  • Republican


  • Fairfield resident for 25 years
  • Representative Town Meeting Member, District 1
  • Member, RTM Public Health and Safety Committee
  • Real Estate Specialist, Coldwell Banker
  • Former PR and Marketing professional
  • Former Board member, Friends of the Fairfield Public Library
  • B.A., University of Rhode Island




As a Fairfield resident for the past 25 years, I have watched the town grow from a small seaside town to a larger metropolitan destination. I have seen the positive effects that strong and seasoned government officials – like our current First Selectwoman, Brenda Kupchick – have had on our town. I am also grateful to her for cleaning up the major environmental and financial issues caused by the last administration and doing so in a bipartisan way.

My goals will continue to be listening, researching, and communicating the concerns of our district’s residents; and voting for anything and everything that would preserve and protect the rural and residential character of Greenfield Hill, and initiatives targeted to ensuring that Fairfield continues to offer excellence in education. I want to see our property values remain strong, and for Greenfield Hill to continue to be a highly attractive place to live and work.

I support local zoning (not state control of our zoning); I do not support residential treatment centers in residential neighborhoods (like the ones pending in Greenfield Hill); and I will continue to vote against excessive spending that causes inevitable tax increases. I am fiscally conservative, and I believe it is imperative that our mill rate remains low so residents of every age can afford to remain in town and enjoy great quality of life here.